Sunday, September 15, 2002

SCOTT: So I was able to get good deed #2 in today before coming home and locking myself away to putter for the evening. At the grocery store, the line was long and there were two women behind me with fewer things than me looking a bit rushed. I asked them if they would like to go ahead of me but they declined. I told them I was looking for a good deed to achieve by day's end and then they said..."well, you can carry our stuff out, how about that?"

"Deal!" I said. I carried their bag and luckily it was heavy so it wasn't a total charity act on their part. Hopefully tomorrow will bring bigger opportunities!

SCOTT: This morning, I after being awoken by the "marathoners" on my roof at 4 a.m., I sat down at my computer and began to plunk away at some writing. I then went to cheer for my friend Tina Smith as she ran her first half-marathon. She was thrilled that I was there and I was able to help out her husband Mackenzie, one of my best friends as I drove him to a spot up the course with his bike on the roof of my car. He had to meet Tina to give her some "goo" for energy at the mid-way mark. Now I'm off to my niece's sixth birthday party which should be loads of fun. I'm still searching for hopefully another opportunity to do more than just get up early and support friends. We'll see what comes my way.

So this "good deed" stuff is tough. I'm scraping to find things. Today, I had to resort to helping two separate couples holding maps find their way. I also told some people to stop running around on the roof of my building bc they were breaking the ceiling below. Sort of a rave party going on here at home at 4 a.m. I'm hoping I helped avert some "damage" to the roof with that one for the sake of the tenants as we run into the rainy season soon.

Friday, September 13, 2002

Doing a good deed each day is a great idea. It would be wonderful if it became second nature. Although I have a 'good deed' business idea brewing, when I head out today I'll make sure to not pass by the smallest opportunity to make at least one person's day a little better.

Today, after being dumped by my girlfriend recently, I was feeling down. I know that the best thing for feeling down, is to do something nice for someone else. I ususally try to do good deeds when I can and I try to tell others to do the same. I figured that having a "blog" about it all and inviting friends would be a way to record all the good that people can actually do in the world.

So to start, this morning I was at my favorite Seattle coffee shop, Torrefazione, on Occidental Street in Pioneer Square. I ordered my usual mocha and then decided to get a whole wheat bagel, too. I got the last one. As I was paying, I heard the girl behind me order a whole wheat bagel. I told the cashier to give her mine. The girl said, "no, that's okay" but I insisted and walked on down the counter to pick up my mocha. As I was standing chatting with John, the barista, I heard the cashier telling the girl, "oh, he does that all the time...he's always doing good deeds."

I was suddenly lifted up and I floated six inches above the ground as I walked past the line of waiting coffee addicts. I shined inside, feeling like an angel among humans in that brief moment. I stepped into the fresh morning air, collected my wonderful dog and set off into the world.

Life is good.